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Hi, I’m David, and I would like to thank you for popping by to the Interior Design Alchemy website.

I have been designing Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms for many years now, and I noticed a couple of problems with the way people shop for these large purchases.

Firstly, Customers have to visit various outlets with each place saying they are the best. In actual fact it is impossible to shop based upon value for money alone, as no two retailers will offer you
exactly the same product. The average time spent shopping varies from 5 to 10 hours – visiting various retailers and often re-visiting multiple times.

The solution, I believe, is straightforward; have one independent person working for you, someone who will genuinely listen and come up
with designs that will work for you. We will then send a detailed list of various local companies with which to quote. Our job is to maximise your budget and give you a stunning room, not just to sell you products – we can do this because we are completely independent

The second problem is that a free design service isn’t free! Yes this does sound confusing, but allow me to explain… Most retailers will not provide detailed plans, simply pictures, which means you have to repeat the same information to numerous retailers. What’s worse (and I have first
hand experience of this) as much as designers want to spend time designing you a dream kitchen or bathroom, constant interruptions, phone calls, customers, paperwork etc. mean that it often becomes an exercise in filling your space as quickly as possible, with no consideration for your
specific needs. Most designs are completed in under 30 minutes and a home measure is normally completed as quickly as possible.

The solution? We will complete a thorough detailed survey, have a chat about your specific needs and discuss your budget. Using the latest design software
and regular conversations and emails, we will design your perfect room, typically taking 6 – 8 hours, and then compile a detailed list for retailers for which to quote.

Let us shoulder the burden on your behalf!

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