Contrary to popular belief; Bathrooms are, in fact, very tricky to design. Space is often limited and minor changes can make a huge difference.  Storage is always needed, but there are numerous options available to facilitate this.  Bathrooms are used in a variety of ways, a “haven of tranquillity” after a tiring long day or a queue outside that would make Liverpool Street Station look quiet, sometimes it’s both!  More often than not, spending the majority of your budget on just one or two items can make all the difference, giving you the “wow” factor.Allow me to give you an example; given an average budget, spending 60% on a show stopping vanity unit and tiles/shower panelling and décor will make the biggest difference to the space, making the ordinary, extraordinary.  The most important factor however, is what you need from, possibly, the busiest room in the house.

The choice of products on the market is somewhat bewildering, with so much conflicting information.  We have NO preference, we simply want whatever is best for you. We use upwards of 50 manufacturers the choice of which will be dictated by your budget, design and personal preference. 

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