The biggest mistake that most people make, is to concentrate on units and worktops; giving little or no consideration to lighting, décor, storage and overall functionality of the Kitchen.

By carrying out most of the planning alongside you, we can look into your individual needs and address any potential issues.  There are a multitude of suppliers for units, worktops and appliances out there,  but something no supplier will do is to discuss how best to split your budget. No-one will discuss which items you should spend most of your budget on, companies simply want you to spend as much of your money as possible their products!  Lighting, wall coverings and décor are often not even considered, yet they are some of the biggest changes you can make to your room!

Will a solid counter top be suitable for you? Who uses the kitchen the most? Do you frequently entertain guests? Do you have pets? Do you want TV and music functionality? These are just some of the factors to consider.  Did you know that, in certain circumstances, a laminate worktop will stand up to daily wear and tear better than marble or even Corian? This is the sort of knowledge that we are happy to share with you!  With so many factors to consider, why not call us for some impartial advice?

Call us on 07990 656598 for FREE impartial advice up to 9pm, 7 days a week!

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